Meet Our Team

Judy Sterling
Vice President, Marketing

For ten years prior to joining CapeNet, Judy was principal owner at a telecom industry consulting firm that successfully launched dozens of new products and services and more than a dozen technology companies, guiding them from obscurity to prominence, with several culminating in successful acquisition.

Previously, Judy was Director of Marketing, Next Gen Networks, at Telcordia Technologies, a subsidiary of SAIC. She managed marketing of new technologies including VoIP and Wireless, in the US and Europe. Formerly known as Bell Labs, Telcordia was the chief architect of the U.S. telecommunications system, holding the equivalent of a patent a day since 1921 and pioneering many of the telecom services we use today.

Earlier, Judy held management positions at AT&T and MCI (now Verizon) in marketing, advertising and product development. She developed several new voice services at both companies, one of which has grown to 97% of the business unit’s $500 million annual revenue.

Judy joined AT&T as a speechwriter for the President of AT&T during the breakup of the Bell System. For more than 10 years afterward, residing in the US and Brussels, she managed AT&T’s $90M/year worldwide advertising, playing a key role in making the AT&T brand a household name. She began her career at Johnson & Johnson on the New Ventures team. 

Judy holds a BS in Marketing from Rutgers University.