Community Anchor Institutions

What are Community Anchor Institutions (CAIs)?

86 building locations received direct fiber connections to the new fiber optic network as part of the original construction. The region provided input into choosing the locations which would be designated as CAIs.

The original network construction funds paid for construction of these connections (called laterals) from the network into each CAI and paid for the equipment to terminate the laterals, typically in a wiring closet.

What do CAIs get?

Many CAI's buy dedicated fiber-optic broadband services directly from CapeNet such as Internet access, VoIP, Point-to-Point connections, disastery recovery services and backup.

Each CAI also has the option to participate in the new Regional Wide Area Network (RWAN). Many CAI locations through Cape Cod are already participating.

What is the RWAN?

The RWAN is a shared gigabit of fiber broadband, available to all CAIs on Cape Cod. Access to the RWAN is managed by the Cape Cod Commission.

When will service be available?

You can obtain service now.

How do CAIs obtain service?

To participate in the RWAN, contact CapeNet and we will put you in touch with the right people at the Cape Cod Commission.  If you require dedicated services or bandwidth that exceeds the parameters of the Regional Wide Area Network we will assist you. Many CAIs already purchase services directly from CapeNet in addition to using the RWAN.

Is CAI use of the fiber network mandatory?

No, CAIs are not required to use the fiber laterals but they provide access to higher-quality, higher speed broadband never before available in the region.