OpenCape Network Map

Construction is now complete!

CapeNet and our partner, non-profit OpenCape, launched the new fiber optic network in June, 2013. We are now hard at work migrating customers onto the network, beginning with town government buildings, schools, libraries, hospitals and data-intensive businesses for which reliable, high-speed service is mission-critical. Entities on or near the network path are welcome to contact us about service options.

We are also building fiber branches out to more locations and extending the reach of the network.

You can download two maps (on the right side of this page) which provide additional views of the network. The KMZ file requires a quick download of Google Earth, if you don't already have it on your computer. The KMZ / Google Earth file enables you to zoom in on the network route, down to street level.

Learn more about the benefits of the network here.

Downloadable Map Files

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Picture of Splice Tray