Open Access for Last-mile Service Providers

Open access: part of CapeNet’s mission.

The OpenCape middle-mile network – built, maintained and operated by CapeNet – is the only open access fiber-optic network in southeastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod.

What does open access mean? Any legitimate service provider, regardless of size, can access the network or build onto it to extend their reach. Open access provides a level playing field for all service providers and creates competition.  And buyers gain more choices and more leverage to get the best services at the best prices. 

If you’re an Internet service provider, or thinking of becoming one, we invite you to take advantage of the OpenCape network to sell Internet access and other broadband services. Thanks to open access, you will likely have lower startup and operational costs.

How to Connect

For more information on becoming a last-mile service provider on the OpenCape network, please contact us at: