CapeNet provides a full range of VoIP services.

Whether you want to upgrade your existing PBX or get the latest VoIP features without new hardware investments, CapeNet offers several ways to upgrade to the latest voice features while reducing your telecom expenses.

Upgrade your PBX to light speed.

Do you own a PBX? You can use your existing PBX equipment to take advantage of the latest VoIP features and benefits.  Adapters allow legacy equipment to interface with SIP-based networks and we can perform the conversion for you.

Do you want to simplify your voice trunking?  Upgrading an existing voice network to take advantage of SIP trunking* is far easier than it sounds. CapeNet can help you replace your T1 and PRI connections with SIP trunking. This will simplify your network by using data lines to pass voice and data traffic.

With SIP trunking you can leverage your data network to connect your PBXs together and send all of your traffic from a central site. There’s no longer a need for dedicated voice connections at each business location. You’ll reduce your telecom connections at each site and gain significant cost savings. Plus, calls between locations are free.

• Leverage your T1 or PRI voice connections, or connect to us directly with SIP Trunking
• Reroute calls automatically to any 10-digit number if the primary location is unable to accept calls
• Load balancing provides the ability for a single trunk group to be shared by multiple PBXs

Hosted PBX solutions.

Thinking of reducing your operational costs with your legacy PBX?
Want to expand your current footprint to other sites, without the expense of a new IP-PBX?
Don’t own a PBX but want PBX features without the expense?

Leverage CapeNet’s Hosted VoIP services for your business.

CapeNet’s Hosted VoIP services can provide turnkey solutions for your business. Our redundant IP-PBX infrastructure can help your business immediately improve productivity and efficiency. You can keep your current telephone numbers and add a broad range of features that matter, including:

• Multi-line phones
• HD voice
• Convert voicemails to e-mails for delivery to mobile devices
• Video telephony and conferencing
• Data services such as email, text messaging and fax
• Find Me/Follow Me – for simultaneous ringing (leverage an IP Phone at the office, on your laptop, at home, on your PDA)

Our VoIP services include number portability, e911 access, telecommunications relay services (711), Directory listings and Operator and Directory Assistance.

Contact us for more information or a customized business quote for your specific needs.

Or phone Sales at: 508-744-5090.

* SIP trunking is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and streaming media service based on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)